Team Building is the practice of working with a group of people to accomplish a particular goal. Some common goals include overcoming obstacles, solving problems, and communicating effectively. While each team may have their own approach to Team Building, there are a few tried-and-true methods that everyone can use to get their team on the same page.

Writing down three truths and one lie

Two truths and one lie is a fun ice breaker or team building activity that works for large and small teams alike. It combines the best of two worlds: individual creativity and teamwork into one package. The truth game can be played multiple times with the same group. This game requires a pencil and a piece of paper to keep score.

Although you can’t play this game at work, you can have some fun with it during your lunch break. Just be sure to make the most of your time by grabbing a few mates to play. A great way to build morale and enhance communication is to play a round of this game before a company meeting or impromptu brainstorming session.

One of the more impressive parts of this Team Building exercise is that it works on all ages. It is a simple game to play and a lot of fun to watch.

Solving problems together

Team building problems are a great way to create a positive workplace culture. They help team members develop problem solving skills and improve communication. Teams that are effective at working together are more successful as a whole. Companies that value teamwork and collaboration have a competitive advantage.

In order to work effectively, teams need to have a common understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. A high level of commitment is required for teams to accomplish specific goals. However, there are several fun, interactive ways to build team spirit and increase the productivity of your team.

One popular team building problem is Coworker Feud. This activity features digital game materials and an expert host to keep questions coming. Each team has a limited amount of time to complete the project. The team with the most competitive answers is declared the winner.

Another classic game is Egg Drop. Teams are divided into groups of four or five and must work together to solve a mystery. The group must figure out who stole jewels, and then recover them.

Listening to each other

Listening to each other as part of team building can be a great way to strengthen communication skills and build trust. Communication plays an important role in the infrastructure of a team, and if not properly addressed, can lead to conflict. In a team environment, employees can feel ignored, and shut down if the other person fails to listen. Fortunately, there are a few exercises that will help you improve your listening skills.

Heard, Seen, Respected (HSR) is an exercise that is designed to strengthen team communication skills. It begins with a group of people in a circle, with the facilitator at the center. The participants each speak about a topic for three to four minutes. This can be as personal as a pet peeve or an annoyance. As participants take turns speaking, each person should acknowledge one other’s opinion. If someone disagrees, they should state it as honestly as possible.

Another group exercise, the Snowball Exercise, is similar. Instead of having a large group of people, have a smaller group. Each member should give three different facts about themselves. Afterwards, have each person guess which statement is a lie.

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